Tortured for pleasure

2017-10-30 Anna Rose and Mistress Sandra 125 images BDSM
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Tortured for pleasure 2
Tortured for pleasure 3
Tortured for pleasure 4

This officer likes to play with her prisoners!
One prisoner she kept all night in the attic, keeping her standing up by a single rope around the neck.
This slavegirl deserves a little more and the officer takes out her gun.
Want to see what happens next... Join us inside for the full story!

Patient Unkown

2017-09-11 175 images Fetish
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Patient Unkown 4

They dragged him in, strapped him in and left him with me. All they said was that they found this unknown patient wondering around in the woods. I will have to wait until I receive further orders... After a few minutes, the orders start coming in, I better get started!

The docter is wearing a cap, stockings and gloves.

Sex Slave

2017-09-01 Anna Rose and Mistress Sandra 12:01 minutes BDSM
Sex Slave 1
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Sex Slave 3
Sex Slave 4

Anna Rose is Mistress Sandra's sex slave!
She can do anzthing with her slave that she wants...
Join us and find out what Mistress Sandra has in store for Anna.

Mistress Sandra is wearing a hood, gloves, cap, legging and uniform jacket.
Anna Rose is wearing gloves, hood, collar and corset.