Enema Training

2017-08-30 Dante Posh and Valentina Fetish Doll 20:34 minutes BDSM
Enema Training 1
Enema Training 2
Enema Training 3
Enema Training 4

These girls like to get dirty!
Valentina Fetish Doll and Dante Posh are trzing out enema training.
Will she end up clean or will it be a dirty scene...

Dante Posh is wearing a hood, apron, gloves and stockings.
Valentina Fetish Doll is wearing a hood, gloves, body and apron.

Cumshot training

2017-05-15 Anna Vorski 10:06 minutes Orgasms
Cumshot training 1
Cumshot training 2
Cumshot training 3
Cumshot training 4

Slavegirl Anna Vorski is strapped in a chair in the hallway.
Tonight we are having a party in our mansion.
Every gentleman that passes the doll in the hallway can help her with her training.
Only thing you have to do is shoot cum at her, its her job to catch and swallow.
Thank you for coming over, will you help Anna with her training? 

Anna Vorski is wearing a hood, stockings and pussy pants

Rubber Pony Finca

2016-12-09 DutchDame, Mistress Sandra, and Sinteque 11:57 minutes Pony Play
Rubber Pony Finca 1
Rubber Pony Finca 2
Rubber Pony Finca 3
Rubber Pony Finca 4

On a hot summer day Mistress Sinteque takes her ponies out for a walk.
Today she trains the ponies in walking and behavior.
The ponies work very hard to please their mistress.
In the hot sun, they sweat and are getting dirty.
The final decidsion is made by the Mistress, but what do you think.
Do the ponies deserve a cold bath or do they need more training?

Model DutchDame is wearing the bondage pony catsuit and hood.
Model Sandra is wearing a catsuit and bondage set.
Model Sinteque is wearing a legging, blouse and cap.
Video by RopeMarks.