Gummi Sklavin Saskia

2018-02-19 Mistress Sandra 24:51 minutes Femdom, Fetish, Latex
Gummi Sklavin Saskia 1
Gummi Sklavin Saskia 2
Gummi Sklavin Saskia 3
Gummi Sklavin Saskia 4

Mistress Sandra is playing with her Slave Saskia.
Today she is getting restrained over and over, harder and harder.
Starting with the hands and feet,
but soon also the head and body gets completely restricted from movement.
Join us inside and see the full session!

Mistress Sandra is wearing a hood and gloves.
Slavegirl Saskia is wearing a catsuit, hood, gloves, mitts and another hood.

Black out!

2018-01-08 Mistress Sandra 152 images Fetish, Latex, Strapon
Black out! 0
Black out! 1
Black out! 2
Black out! 3
Black out! 4

Mistress Sandra has brought her slave to her medical dungeon.
Secret plans are being made, while she puts her slave in total black out.
Not only is her slave dressed up in all black,
The mistress is giving her black out contacts for in her eyes.
However once she is blinded, Mistress Sandra has another black surprise for her...

Mistress Sandra is wearing a catsuit and hood
Slavegirl is wearing a corset, hood and jacket

Cracking the whip

2017-12-27 Dante Posh and Rebecca 118 images BDSM, Latex, Whipping
Cracking the whip 0
Cracking the whip 1
Cracking the whip 2
Cracking the whip 3
Cracking the whip 4

Mistress Dante Posh has her slavegirl all tied up in an upright position.
Perfect for testing her brand new whips!
This slavegirl scream a little bit too loud for the Mistress liking...
Time to add an extra hood and gag.

Mistress Dante Posh is wearing the office outfit.
Slavegirl Rebecca is wearing a hood, suspenders, stockings, gloves, corset, collar and blindfold.

Suction cups for our slavegirl 0
Suction cups for our slavegirl 1
Suction cups for our slavegirl 2
Suction cups for our slavegirl 3
Suction cups for our slavegirl 4

Mistress Sandra takes control over Slavegirl Marie.
All dressed in transparent gummi, so we can see through the layers at their bodies.
Slavegirl Marie gets tied up and Mistress brings out the suction cups...
Join us inside to see what happens next!

Mistress Sandra is wearing a catsuit, gloves, suspenders, stockings, corset, hood, cap and apron.
Slavegirl Marie is wearing stockings, hood, collar and gag.

Taking her breath away

2017-12-20 Anna Rose and Mistress Sandra 124 images BDSM, Insertions, Latex
Taking her breath away 0
Taking her breath away 1
Taking her breath away 2
Taking her breath away 3
Taking her breath away 4

When the slavegirl is all restrained in rubber,
the Mistress takes her breath away...
Join these ladies inside for an extreme hot gallery!

Mistress Sandra is wearing a hood, catsuit, gloves and cap.

Tortured for pleasure

2017-10-30 Anna Rose and Mistress Sandra 125 images BDSM
Tortured for pleasure 0
Tortured for pleasure 1
Tortured for pleasure 2
Tortured for pleasure 3
Tortured for pleasure 4

This officer likes to play with her prisoners!
One prisoner she kept all night in the attic, keeping her standing up by a single rope around the neck.
This slavegirl deserves a little more and the officer takes out her gun.
Want to see what happens next... Join us inside for the full story!

Kitty girl on the bench

2017-09-08 DutchDame and Mistress Amrita 110 images BDSM
Kitty girl on the bench 0
Kitty girl on the bench 1
Kitty girl on the bench 2
Kitty girl on the bench 3
Kitty girl on the bench 4

This kitty girl is super playfull today! Mistress Amrita just want to have a seat and read her book, but DutchDame keeps bouncing around. She got so excited seeing the ropes that she is leaving the Mistress no choice... Time to tie up this girl! Finally once all the ropes are used, Mistress Amrita can finally read in peace...

DutchDame is wearing a bra, corset, tanga, stockings and suspender belt.
Mistress Amrita is wearing the office outfit in leopard patterned latex.

A painfull lesson

2017-08-04 Mistress Sandra and Anna Vorski 14:44 minutes BDSM
A painfull lesson 1
A painfull lesson 2
A painfull lesson 3
A painfull lesson 4

Today we follow Mistress Sandra in her dungeon.
There her slave awaits us...
What a beautiful girl, we sure will have some fun with her!

Mistress Sandra is wearing gloves, top and skirt.
Anna Vorski is wearing a corset, slip, stockings, gloves, collar, hood and armbinder.

Sweet Torture

2017-07-24 Mistress Sandra and Valentina Fetish Doll 22:52 minutes BDSM
Sweet Torture 1
Sweet Torture 2
Sweet Torture 3
Sweet Torture 4

Mistress Sandra and Valentina Fetish Doll have missed each other.
They are so happy to be together again, all dressed up in heavy rubber.
How they enjoy to play together... Be a witness of this sweet torture!