Kitty girl on the bench

2017-09-08 DutchDame and Mistress Amrita 110 images BDSM
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Kitty girl on the bench 1
Kitty girl on the bench 2
Kitty girl on the bench 3
Kitty girl on the bench 4

This kitty girl is super playfull today! Mistress Amrita just want to have a seat and read her book, but DutchDame keeps bouncing around. She got so excited seeing the ropes that she is leaving the Mistress no choice... Time to tie up this girl! Finally once all the ropes are used, Mistress Amrita can finally read in peace...

DutchDame is wearing a bra, corset, tanga, stockings and suspender belt.
Mistress Amrita is wearing the office outfit in leopard patterned latex.

Expiatation, part 2

2017-08-16 Slave girl Marie and Mistress Amrita 20:45 minutes Latex
Expiatation, part 2 1
Expiatation, part 2 2
Expiatation, part 2 3
Expiatation, part 2 4

Nun Amrita is not happy, one of her girl comitted a huge sin.
Now she must pay! We will put her straight and discipline her.
One part is not enough, so she needs the second part.

Mistress Amrita is wearing stockings, dress and a nun veil.
Nun 2 is wearing stockings, hood, skirt and corset.
Slavegirl is wearing a hood, corset and stockings.