From girl to pony

2017-09-22 Anna Rose and Mistress Sandra 151 images Pony Play
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In our stables we are short on pony girls. It is time to transform our slavegirl Anna Rose into a ponygirl. We will dress her up, from pony mask till pony tail. What a beautiful pony she will be! Once she is dressed, she will need some training. This pony girl will make a fine extra pony for our stables...

Mistress Sandra is wearing jodhpurs


2017-08-23 Mistress Sandra and Anna Rose 16:08 minutes Pony Play
Bridled 1
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Bridled 4

Such a beautiful!Perfect day for a ride!
Lets dress up the pony and have a lovely day in the sun.
Mistress Sandra is training pony Anna Rose.
Will you join us for a ride...

Mistress Sandra is wearing legging, top, skirt, jacket, hood, gloves and hat.
Anna Rose is wearing a catsuit and hood.

Rubber Pony Finca

2016-12-09 DutchDame, Mistress Sandra, and Sinteque 11:57 minutes Pony Play
Rubber Pony Finca 1
Rubber Pony Finca 2
Rubber Pony Finca 3
Rubber Pony Finca 4

On a hot summer day Mistress Sinteque takes her ponies out for a walk.
Today she trains the ponies in walking and behavior.
The ponies work very hard to please their mistress.
In the hot sun, they sweat and are getting dirty.
The final decidsion is made by the Mistress, but what do you think.
Do the ponies deserve a cold bath or do they need more training?

Model DutchDame is wearing the bondage pony catsuit and hood.
Model Sandra is wearing a catsuit and bondage set.
Model Sinteque is wearing a legging, blouse and cap.
Video by RopeMarks.