Naughty Kitten

2018-02-07 109 images Blow Job, Fetish, Latex
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Naughty Kitten 1
Naughty Kitten 2
Naughty Kitten 3
Naughty Kitten 4

At Fetish-Live we take good care of our pets!
This kitty cat is very playfull today.
If she finish her milk, we will reward her with a little extra ...
Join us inside for complete pleasure!

Cat is wearing a catsuit, hood, collar and mittens.

Pony Kumi in the stables

2017-12-11 Kumi Monster 106 images Latex, Peeing, Pony Play
Pony Kumi in the stables 0
Pony Kumi in the stables 1
Pony Kumi in the stables 2
Pony Kumi in the stables 3
Pony Kumi in the stables 4

Pony Kumi is such a good pet today!
The riding mistress is spoiling her pony with sugar cubes.
But now pony Kumi has to stay in the stables while her Mistress is attending an important session with a slave.
Kumi has to be a good pony and wait for her Mistress...

Kumi Monster is wearing the bondage set.
The riding Mistress is wearing the rider outfit.

Doggy Training

2017-08-25 Anna Vorski 26:24 minutes Domination
Doggy Training 1
Doggy Training 2
Doggy Training 3
Doggy Training 4

It started as a ove game but ended in a merciless doggy drill.
Anna placed her handy cam on a tripod and recorded this hard 5 hours lesson...

Anna Vorski is wearing stockings, thong, dress, coat and hood.
Male slave is wearing a catsuit, hood and doggy suit.