Medical lesson with Dante Posh

2018-01-19 Dante Posh 15:53 minutes Medical, Fetish
Medical lesson with Dante Posh 1
Medical lesson with Dante Posh 2
Medical lesson with Dante Posh 3
Medical lesson with Dante Posh 4

Dante Posh is back in the clinic for a medical lesson.
Today she is telling us about her favorite subject, which is breath play.
Dante is demonstrating how to do breath play.
Join us inside for all of this and more!

Dante Posh is wearing the nurse coat.

Medical Mittwoch

2017-12-06 Mistress Sandra and Sinteque 99 images Fetish, Latex, Medical
Medical Mittwoch 0
Medical Mittwoch 1
Medical Mittwoch 2
Medical Mittwoch 3
Medical Mittwoch 4

For medical wednesday nurses Sinteque and Sandra are prepping the room for their next patient.
The nurses give this patient his heavy rubber treatment.
The patient is restrained and dressed in layers of rubber.
These naughty nurses are spinning the patient around until he is satisfied...

Nurse Sinteque is wearing the medical dress
Nurse Sandra is wearing the discipline bra and bizarre body.

Cure for the nurse

2017-11-01 115 images Latex
Cure for the nurse 0
Cure for the nurse 1
Cure for the nurse 2
Cure for the nurse 3
Cure for the nurse 4

Where is that doctor she fancied, been waiting in here for so long.
She can not wait for him, she wants it now!
This nurse takes matters in her very own hands,
using medical equipement to take care of herself.
Oh there you are! You are a little late, but you can stay and watch if you like...

Nurse is wearing a cap, mini dress, stockings and gloves.

Inspecting Kumi

2017-09-25 Kumi Monster and Mistress Sandra 73 images Medical
Inspecting Kumi 0
Inspecting Kumi 1
Inspecting Kumi 2
Inspecting Kumi 3
Inspecting Kumi 4

Kumi Monster is feeling a little under the weather. Good thing Nurse Sandra is here! She needs to inspect Kumi's body and see if she can find a way to make her feel better...

Mistress Sandra is wearing a tightscorset, gloves and hood.
Kumi Monster is wearing gloves and bizarre body.

Patient Unkown

2017-09-11 175 images Fetish
Patient Unkown 0
Patient Unkown 1
Patient Unkown 2
Patient Unkown 3
Patient Unkown 4

They dragged him in, strapped him in and left him with me. All they said was that they found this unknown patient wondering around in the woods. I will have to wait until I receive further orders... After a few minutes, the orders start coming in, I better get started!

The docter is wearing a cap, stockings and gloves.

Medical play

2017-04-03 Dante Posh and Valentina Fetish Doll 106 images Medical
Medical play 0
Medical play 1
Medical play 2
Medical play 3
Medical play 4

Valentina Fetish Doll and kinky girl Dante Posh are playing together in the medical room.
Dante is browsing around the room and all it's toys, while Valentina is getting dressed in layers of latex.
When Valentina is ready and enters the room, Danta has found and picked out her favorite toys. 
Time to play!

Valentina Fetish Doll is wearing a hood, a body, gloves and apron
Dante Posh is wearing a hood, long gloves and stockings.

In the medical room

2017-03-10 Kumi Monster 126 images Medical
In the medical room 0
In the medical room 1
In the medical room 2
In the medical room 3
In the medical room 4

Sexy Kumi Monster is taking us to her favorite room of the dungeon.
This is the medical corner, where her favorite chair is placed.
Being dressed in latex, turns Kumi on.
She get comfortable in the big metal chair and invites us to play together...

Kumi Monster is wearing the bizarre body and apron.

Medical Doll

2017-02-27 Mistress Sandra and Rubberdoll 131 images Medical
Medical Doll 0
Medical Doll 1
Medical Doll 2
Medical Doll 3
Medical Doll 4

Rubberdoll and Mistress Sandra together in one medical room... 
These two gorgeous girls will show you all their latex and bodies.
Dress up in latex too, join the fun and inspect us in the medical room! 

Rubberdoll is wearing a corset and gloves.
Mistress Sandra is wearing a corset and face mask