Medical Mittwoch

2017-12-06 Mistress Sandra and Sinteque 99 images Fetish, Latex, Medical
Medical Mittwoch 0
Medical Mittwoch 1
Medical Mittwoch 2
Medical Mittwoch 3
Medical Mittwoch 4

For medical wednesday nurses Sinteque and Sandra are prepping the room for their next patient.
The nurses give this patient his heavy rubber treatment.
The patient is restrained and dressed in layers of rubber.
These naughty nurses are spinning the patient around until he is satisfied...

Nurse Sinteque is wearing the medical dress
Nurse Sandra is wearing the discipline bra and bizarre body.

Tigerr in the table 0
Tigerr in the table 1
Tigerr in the table 2
Tigerr in the table 3
Tigerr in the table 4

Mistress Sandra wants to have her break at the table.
But her naked slavegirl on the floor is staring at her...
"Fine, she can join my table!" says the mistress.
Little does slavegirl Tigerr know that she meant this literally...

Mistress Sandra is wearing the evil queen dress and gloves.

Rubber dress up

2017-12-01 95 images Fetish, Latex, Mask Fetish
Rubber dress up 0
Rubber dress up 1
Rubber dress up 2
Rubber dress up 3
Rubber dress up 4

This pretty naked rubber lover is gorgeous!
But only one way to make her more shiny and lubed...
Join her for a private heavy rubber dress up!

Rubber doll wearing doll hood, pussy pants, Marlene underwear set, stockings, skirt, blouse, trench coat and umbrella.

The dress up of Kumi Monster

2017-11-29 Kumi Monster 106 images Erotic Nude, Fetish, Latex
The dress up of Kumi Monster 0
The dress up of Kumi Monster 1
The dress up of Kumi Monster 2
The dress up of Kumi Monster 3
The dress up of Kumi Monster 4

The heavy rubber dress up session of Kumi Monster.
We love Kumi in her naked skin,
but it becomes a real pleasure when we add lube and latex!

Kumi Monster wearing a corset, crotch piece, gloves and neck corset.

Pupette in Chastity

2017-11-27 Mistress Sandra 28:20 minutes Chastity, Female Domination, Femdom
Pupette in Chastity 1
Pupette in Chastity 2
Pupette in Chastity 3
Pupette in Chastity 4

There is only one way to make sure innocent girls stay innocent...
Mistress Sandra has put her new slave Pupette in a chastity belt.
To prevent Pupette from touching and maybe escaping her belt,
the mistress has put the slave hands and head restrained in a metal plate.
Now she ask for mercy! This slave leaves the mistress no other choice then to add a gag...

Medical examination of Anna Rose 0
Medical examination of Anna Rose 1
Medical examination of Anna Rose 2
Medical examination of Anna Rose 3
Medical examination of Anna Rose 4

"Doctor! So good to see you here!"
Nurse Sandra needs your help. Patient Anna Rose has been calming down in a straight jacket for the last two hours.
Still she seems like she is missing something...
Step by step guide Nurse Sandra in a medical examination of Anna Rose.

Nurse Sandra is wearing a nurse uniform, coat and hood.
Anna Rose is wearing a hood and body.

She is coming when she is pissing, the video 1
She is coming when she is pissing, the video 2
She is coming when she is pissing, the video 3
She is coming when she is pissing, the video 4

Mistress Sandra and Valentina Fetish Doll are having a session you must see!
The mistress knows her slavegirl so well and all the things she likes.
Making sure both girls are satisfied, the Mistress brings out her favorite toys.
But wait... Valentina needs a little extra,
cause today she is only coming when she is pissing!

Mistress Sandra is wearing a catsuit, cap and gloves.
Valentina Fetish Doll is wearing thights and the bizarre body.

Babygirl Benson

2017-11-20 Tigerr Benson 58 images Balloon, Fetish, Latex
Babygirl Benson 0
Babygirl Benson 1
Babygirl Benson 2
Babygirl Benson 3
Babygirl Benson 4

Playful Tigerr and her toys!
We loved our beautiful Tigerr dressed in playful pink latex with matching shoes.
Would you like to join her for playtime...

Glass Head

2017-11-17 Kumi Monster and Mistress Sandra 72 images BDSM, Erotic Nude, Femdom
Glass Head 0
Glass Head 1
Glass Head 2
Glass Head 3
Glass Head 4

Kumi Monster is our naked slavegirl today!
Mistress Sandra bring her down into the cold basement.
Only to put her inside a big box, with her head sticking out.
On her head the Mistress places a glass bowl.
However is the glass half empty or half full?
The Mistress is going to think about this for a long time,
until then Kumi has to wait and try to keep breathing...

Transparent dreams

2017-11-15 Rebecca 103 images Fetish
Transparent dreams 0
Transparent dreams 1
Transparent dreams 2
Transparent dreams 3
Transparent dreams 4

Rebecca is dressed in heavy rubber in transparent colour.
She is laying in a bed with transparent sheets,
having transparent dreams...
Time to make these dreams come true!
There she brings out a giant inflatable dildo.
This sure will give some pleasures!
Then we add more inflatable latex,
all to build up to more and more fun until climax!