Gummi Kloster, part 3

2017-12-29 Rebecca 10:13 minutes Fetish, Latex, Stripping
Gummi Kloster, part 3 1
Gummi Kloster, part 3 2
Gummi Kloster, part 3 3
Gummi Kloster, part 3 4

The tales from rubber monastery continues...
Today we are peeking through the peeping hole at Nun Rebecca's room.
Always wondered what nun's wear underneath their habit?
Join us inside and find out!

Rebecca is wearing a habit, blouse & skirt, veil, cap, suspenders, corset and stockings.

Cracking the whip

2017-12-27 Dante Posh and Rebecca 118 images BDSM, Latex, Whipping
Cracking the whip 0
Cracking the whip 1
Cracking the whip 2
Cracking the whip 3
Cracking the whip 4

Mistress Dante Posh has her slavegirl all tied up in an upright position.
Perfect for testing her brand new whips!
This slavegirl scream a little bit too loud for the Mistress liking...
Time to add an extra hood and gag.

Mistress Dante Posh is wearing the office outfit.
Slavegirl Rebecca is wearing a hood, suspenders, stockings, gloves, corset, collar and blindfold.

Suction cups for our slavegirl 0
Suction cups for our slavegirl 1
Suction cups for our slavegirl 2
Suction cups for our slavegirl 3
Suction cups for our slavegirl 4

Mistress Sandra takes control over Slavegirl Marie.
All dressed in transparent gummi, so we can see through the layers at their bodies.
Slavegirl Marie gets tied up and Mistress brings out the suction cups...
Join us inside to see what happens next!

Mistress Sandra is wearing a catsuit, gloves, suspenders, stockings, corset, hood, cap and apron.
Slavegirl Marie is wearing stockings, hood, collar and gag.

All wrapped up for whipping 0
All wrapped up for whipping 1
All wrapped up for whipping 2
All wrapped up for whipping 3
All wrapped up for whipping 4

Mistress Sandra is turning her little slavegirl into a small package.
She restrains her firm, while being double plugged, in cuffs and rubber.
With leather straps the Mistress pushes the slavegirl down onto the bed.
The slavegirl is completely stuck and nowhere to go...

Mistress Sandra is wearing a trench coat, hood, gloves and tights.
Slavegirl is wearing a catsuit and collar.

Taking her breath away

2017-12-20 Anna Rose and Mistress Sandra 124 images BDSM, Insertions, Latex
Taking her breath away 0
Taking her breath away 1
Taking her breath away 2
Taking her breath away 3
Taking her breath away 4

When the slavegirl is all restrained in rubber,
the Mistress takes her breath away...
Join these ladies inside for an extreme hot gallery!

Mistress Sandra is wearing a hood, catsuit, gloves and cap.

At the château

2017-12-18 Mistress Sandra and Rubber Eva 72 images Fetish, Latex, Outdoors
At the château 0
At the château 1
At the château 2
At the château 3
At the château 4

Gorgeous mistresses Rubber Eva and Sandra are going out for a walk in their garden.
These breath taking beauties are enjoying each other on this beautiful day.
They take place under a big tree and lay down together on a blanket...

Mistress Sandra is wearing the baroness outfit and corset.

Medical Monster

2017-12-15 Kumi Monster 73 images Fetish, Latex, Medical
Medical Monster 0
Medical Monster 1
Medical Monster 2
Medical Monster 3
Medical Monster 4

Kumi Monster is feeling a little weak today...
She needs some firm heavy rubber corsets to strengh her body.
When she is dressed from head to toe in heavy rubber and corsets,
she feels much better!

Kumi Monster is wearing a hood, tights, corset, crotch piece, neck corset and gloves.

Two girls one penis 0
Two girls one penis 1
Two girls one penis 2
Two girls one penis 3
Two girls one penis 4

Two girls and one guy, all of them dressed in heavy rubber!
The submissive male is so lucky, having these gorgeous two mistresses playing with him.
Join the girls up close in a rubber fetish session!

Mistress Jean Bardot is wearing a legging, gloves and a hood.
Mistress Sandra is wearing tights, jacket and gloves.

Pony Kumi in the stables

2017-12-11 Kumi Monster 106 images Latex, Peeing, Pony Play
Pony Kumi in the stables 0
Pony Kumi in the stables 1
Pony Kumi in the stables 2
Pony Kumi in the stables 3
Pony Kumi in the stables 4

Pony Kumi is such a good pet today!
The riding mistress is spoiling her pony with sugar cubes.
But now pony Kumi has to stay in the stables while her Mistress is attending an important session with a slave.
Kumi has to be a good pony and wait for her Mistress...

Kumi Monster is wearing the bondage set.
The riding Mistress is wearing the rider outfit.

Domina Dante

2017-12-08 Dante Posh 75 images Fetish, Latex, Stripping
Domina Dante 0
Domina Dante 1
Domina Dante 2
Domina Dante 3
Domina Dante 4

Domina Dante Posh has a very special treat for you...
Only the good slave may view this gallery!
Have you been a good slave? Then you may enter and enjoy Dante Posh surprise for you.

Dante Posh is wearing the Marlene stockings, bra, suspenders, trench coat and cap.