The long fisting mitt

16.10.2017 Chou-Chou und Mistress Sandra 152 Bilder Fisting
The long fisting mitt 0
The long fisting mitt 1
The long fisting mitt 2
The long fisting mitt 3
The long fisting mitt 4

Gorgeous Chou Chou is dressed in shiny latex.
She is showing you every side of her body and teasing you by being naughty.
With her is the beautiful Mistress Sandra,
all dressed in black latex with one single transparent glove...
What will she do with this?

Chou Chou is wearing a bra, suspenders, stockings, hood, collar, bondage mitts and the combination gag.
Mistress Sandra is wearing a hood, corset and long fisting mitt.

Smoking Hot Rubber Girls

13.10.2017 Kumi Monster und Mistress Sandra 79 Bilder Latex
Smoking Hot Rubber Girls 0
Smoking Hot Rubber Girls 1
Smoking Hot Rubber Girls 2
Smoking Hot Rubber Girls 3
Smoking Hot Rubber Girls 4

hmmm... what can I say...
This set is just smoking hot girls in shiny gorgeous rubber!
Both girls are dressep all way in heavy rubber,
and they want more!

Mistress Sandra is wearing nurse dress, tights and pussy pants.
Kumi Monster is wearing bizarre body, tights and collar.


23.08.2017 Mistress Sandra und Anna Rose 16:08 Minuten Pony Play
Bridled 1
Bridled 2
Bridled 3
Bridled 4

Such a beautiful!Perfect day for a ride!
Lets dress up the pony and have a lovely day in the sun.
Mistress Sandra is training pony Anna Rose.
Will you join us for a ride...

Mistress Sandra is wearing legging, top, skirt, jacket, hood, gloves and hat.
Anna Rose is wearing a catsuit and hood.

Queen and the Jester

26.07.2017 Mistress Sandra und Slave girl Marie 70 Bilder
Queen and the Jester 0
Queen and the Jester 1
Queen and the Jester 2
Queen and the Jester 3
Queen and the Jester 4

Mistress Sandra is our beautiful queen.
She found this lovely Jester to keep her company.
Her job is to entertain the mistress,
but will she succeed...

Sweet Torture

24.07.2017 Mistress Sandra und Valentina Fetish Doll 22:52 Minuten BDSM
Sweet Torture 1
Sweet Torture 2
Sweet Torture 3
Sweet Torture 4

Mistress Sandra and Valentina Fetish Doll have missed each other.
They are so happy to be together again, all dressed up in heavy rubber.
How they enjoy to play together... Be a witness of this sweet torture!