Shaving patient Kumi

16.05.2018 Kumi Monster und Mistress Sandra 190 Bilder Fetish, Latex, Medical
Shaving patient Kumi 0
Shaving patient Kumi 1
Shaving patient Kumi 2
Shaving patient Kumi 3
Shaving patient Kumi 4

Our patient Kumi needs a shave.
Straight from her room we bring her into this wooden box.
This way she is nicely restrained, so we can focus on her head.
Slowly and secure Mistress Sandra shaves Kumi's head.
Once she is done, the rest of the latex can be put on...
Join us inside and see what Mistress Sandra got in store for her.

Mistress Sandra is wearing a catsuit, hood, cap and armlet.
Kumi Monster is wearing a bondage combination dress, hood, neck corset, bondage hood, helmet and cape.

Shoes and boots

19.03.2018 Kumi Monster 98 Bilder Amateur, Latex, Shoes
Shoes and boots 0
Shoes and boots 1
Shoes and boots 2
Shoes and boots 3
Shoes and boots 4

Kumi monster loves her shoes and boots!
Dressed in latex, she loves to roll around in all her rubber shoes.
She will show them all to you!
Which one is your favorite?

Candles and Kumi

17.05.2017 Kumi Monster und Mistress Sandra 72 Bilder Domination
Candles and Kumi 0
Candles and Kumi 1
Candles and Kumi 2
Candles and Kumi 3
Candles and Kumi 4

Mistress Sandra loves playing with slavegirl Kumi Monster.
The Mistress has light up a few candles to set the mood.
Hmmm... but why not use these in our play!
'Open up my dear' the Mistress commands as she raise her candles.

Kumi Monster is wearing a corset and pants