Masks and toys

03.05.2017 Mistress Sandra und Rubber Eva 79 Bilder BDSM
Masks and toys 0
Masks and toys 1
Masks and toys 2
Masks and toys 3
Masks and toys 4

Two girls, dressed in heavy rubber from head till toe.
We have masks, corsets and lots of toys.
Eager, sexy, horny, ready to play and you are invited!
Do you want to join us?

Mistress Sandra is wearing gloves.
Rubber Eva is wearing a catsuit and corset.

Naked nun on private ground

07.04.2017 DutchDame 65 Bilder Bondage
Naked nun on private ground 0
Naked nun on private ground 1
Naked nun on private ground 2
Naked nun on private ground 3
Naked nun on private ground 4

DutchDame is our naked nun in the garden.
On this lovely day she goes for a stroll on her private ground.
Since she is the only one here, she can walk around naked. The air feels so soft and good on her skin. 
But hang on... who is that... A handsome man is walking towards her.
DutchDame can not see what he is holding behind his back, but you can!
Join us inside and find out what it is.

DutchDame is wearing the Nun's head habit and bondage set. 

A big surprise for slave girl Aurora Mystique 0
A big surprise for slave girl Aurora Mystique 1
A big surprise for slave girl Aurora Mystique 2
A big surprise for slave girl Aurora Mystique 3
A big surprise for slave girl Aurora Mystique 4

Slave Girl Aurora Mystique is in the hands of Mistress Dante Posh tonight...
Mistress Dante has a big surprise for her. Can you guess what it is?
Join us in our rubber playground and find out!

Mistress Dante Posh is wearing a lingerie set.
Model Aurora Mystique is wearing a hoodsuspenders and corset.


Playing with toys the video

13.03.2017 Aurora Mystique und Dante Posh 121 Bilder Toys
Playing with toys the video 0
Playing with toys the video 1
Playing with toys the video 2
Playing with toys the video 3
Playing with toys the video 4

Mistress Dante has several toys to play with today.
One of her toys is a submissive rubberdoll.
Dante checks out her doll to see if she is all shiny and ready to play.
Boobs, check! Butt, check! Face, check! Zipper... hang on...
Now that her zipper is undone, Dante brings out her other toys!

Mistress Dante is wearing a top, suspenders and stockings.
Rubberdoll Aurora Mystique is wearing a hood, corset, neck corset, catsuit and gloves

Domination of a slave

08.03.2017 Aurora Mystique 83 Bilder Domination
Domination of a slave 0
Domination of a slave 1
Domination of a slave 2
Domination of a slave 3
Domination of a slave 4

Gorgeous mistress Aurora Mystique is ready to play! In her cage she has a slave locked up. He has been sitting in there for while. At least for a few hours! The mistress first wanted to dress up and put on her sexy heels. He has been a good slave for waiting patiently and quiet. Maybe she will let him out of her cage... just maybe...

Mistress Aurora Mystique is wearing a long skirt, bizarre bra and hood.
Location by No Limits

Knotted in a double Part1

27.01.2017 DutchDame, Lucinda und Mistress Amrita 75 Bilder Bondage
Knotted in a double Part1 0
Knotted in a double Part1 1
Knotted in a double Part1 2
Knotted in a double Part1 3
Knotted in a double Part1 4

Gorgeous Mistress Amrita is in town! And she brought lots of her whips and ropes...
As a good host I have collected and prepared two girls for her. They are waiting for their mistress in the attic.
I did my best to arrange the finest girls for the Mistress. Let's see if Mistress Amrita is pleased with her new slaves... 

Mistress Amrita is wearing a long dress.
Models DutchDame and Lucinda are wearing a hood, bra, gloves and pants

Sinful Nun

20.01.2017 Bianca Beauchamp 84 Bilder Latex
Sinful Nun 0
Sinful Nun 1
Sinful Nun 2
Sinful Nun 3
Sinful Nun 4

Before getting ready for bed, nun Bianca does her little prayer.
She gets down on her knees and closes her eyes.
As I watch her in all her beautiful shiny latex,
I wonder what it is she prays for... 

Model Bianca is wearing suspenders, white stockings, corset, hood, cap, and catsuit.
Images by Martin Perreault.


Institute for maladjusted husbands 0
Institute for maladjusted husbands 1
Institute for maladjusted husbands 2
Institute for maladjusted husbands 3
Institute for maladjusted husbands 4

Together with my friend we run an institute for maladjusted husbands.
For those men who need need to be disciplined.
One afternoon we are sipping our thee in the institute,
waiting for the next customer to arrive. 
The doorbell rings, that must be them... 

Model Dante Posh is wearing the one coloured hood and a trench coat.
Model Aurora Mystique is wearing the hood with pony tail and a catsuit.
Images by friends, shot in the No Limits bar. 


Armbinder Discipline

23.09.2016 Mistress Sandra und Kumi Monster 126 Bilder Latex
Armbinder Discipline 0
Armbinder Discipline 1
Armbinder Discipline 2
Armbinder Discipline 3
Armbinder Discipline 4

"WANTED! Slave to test my brand new armbinder!"
states the newspaper add that I hold while standing in front of her dungeon.
I feel extremely excited to be her slave and also to see what this new armbinder looks like.
I knock on Mistress Sandra's door and wait in excitement for her... 

Mistress Sandra is wearing a catsuit, hood and gloves.
Model Kumi is wearing an armbinder and gag

Department Blue

16.09.2016 Mistress Sandra und Valentina Fetish Doll 168 Bilder Uniform
Department Blue 0
Department Blue 1
Department Blue 2
Department Blue 3
Department Blue 4

Feeling Blue? Our slave Valentina is looking a bit blue today.
Time to cheers her up! Mistress Sandra is is using all her toys, especially for Valentina.
Will Valentina go into submission, will she scream for mercy, will she feel better...

Mistress Sandra is the police catsuit, hood and gloves.
Model Valentina Fetish Doll is wearing the bizarre bondage body