Dildo Training part 1

19.05.2017 Mistress Sandra und Valentina Fetish Doll 12:41 Minuten Domination
Dildo Training part 1 1
Dildo Training part 1 2
Dildo Training part 1 3
Dildo Training part 1 4

Mistress Sandra plays with Valentina Fetish Doll.
They play with heavy rubber but also with mask... and another mask... and another mask!
Besides all this beautiful shiny latex, it is time for Valentina to get dildo training.
Will she be a good student or will she need more practise?
Join us inside and find out!

Mistress Sandra is wearing a mask and dress.
Valentina Fetish Doll is wearing a corset and mask.

Masked Kumi

22.02.2017 Kumi Monster und Mistress Sandra 88 Bilder Latex
Masked Kumi 0
Masked Kumi 1
Masked Kumi 2
Masked Kumi 3
Masked Kumi 4

What monster do I find in the hallway,
well it is a Kumi Monster!
All dressed in heavy rubber, however something is missing...
I know! a heavy rubber gas mask...

Mistress Sandra is wearing a legging and jacket.
Kumi Monster is wearing a catsuit.