Gummi Sklavin Saskia

19.02.2018 Mistress Sandra 24:51 Minuten Femdom, Fetish, Latex
Gummi Sklavin Saskia 1
Gummi Sklavin Saskia 2
Gummi Sklavin Saskia 3
Gummi Sklavin Saskia 4

Mistress Sandra is playing with her Slave Saskia.
Today she is getting restrained over and over, harder and harder.
Starting with the hands and feet,
but soon also the head and body gets completely restricted from movement.
Join us inside and see the full session!

Mistress Sandra is wearing a hood and gloves.
Slavegirl Saskia is wearing a catsuit, hood, gloves, mitts and another hood.

Punishment for Manga Doll

09.02.2018 Mistress Sandra 16:18 Minuten Latex, Spanking, Whipping
Punishment for Manga Doll 1
Punishment for Manga Doll 2
Punishment for Manga Doll 3
Punishment for Manga Doll 4

Mango Doll not finish her chores...
This means punishment from the Mistress.
Todays punishment exist of severe spanking with various whips!
Will she learn her lesson? Or is more punishment required?
Join us inside and find out!

Mistress Sandra is wearing gloves.
Mango Doll is wearing a school girl outfit and stockings.

Medical lesson with Dante Posh

19.01.2018 Dante Posh 15:53 Minuten Medical, Fetish
Medical lesson with Dante Posh 1
Medical lesson with Dante Posh 2
Medical lesson with Dante Posh 3
Medical lesson with Dante Posh 4

Dante Posh is back in the clinic for a medical lesson.
Today she is telling us about her favorite subject, which is breath play.
Dante is demonstrating how to do breath play.
Join us inside for all of this and more!

Dante Posh is wearing the nurse coat.

Gummi Kloster 4

01.01.2018 Anna Vorski 6:17 Minuten Bondage, Fetish, Latex
Gummi Kloster 4 1
Gummi Kloster 4 2
Gummi Kloster 4 3
Gummi Kloster 4 4

The tales of the monastery continues...
Today with Nun Anna Vorski. What has she done to end up like this???
She can not hear or see us...
We sit back and enjoy the view, just watching her crawl.

Anna Vorski is wearing the bondage doggy suit, open face hood and the sensory deprivation hood.

Gummi Kloster, part 3

29.12.2017 Rebecca 10:13 Minuten Fetish, Latex, Stripping
Gummi Kloster, part 3 1
Gummi Kloster, part 3 2
Gummi Kloster, part 3 3
Gummi Kloster, part 3 4

The tales from rubber monastery continues...
Today we are peeking through the peeping hole at Nun Rebecca's room.
Always wondered what nun's wear underneath their habit?
Join us inside and find out!

Rebecca is wearing a habit, blouse & skirt, veil, cap, suspenders, corset and stockings.

Pupette in Chastity

27.11.2017 Mistress Sandra 28:20 Minuten Chastity, Female Domination, Femdom
Pupette in Chastity 1
Pupette in Chastity 2
Pupette in Chastity 3
Pupette in Chastity 4

There is only one way to make sure innocent girls stay innocent...
Mistress Sandra has put her new slave Pupette in a chastity belt.
To prevent Pupette from touching and maybe escaping her belt,
the mistress has put the slave hands and head restrained in a metal plate.
Now she ask for mercy! This slave leaves the mistress no other choice then to add a gag...

She is coming when she is pissing, the video 1
She is coming when she is pissing, the video 2
She is coming when she is pissing, the video 3
She is coming when she is pissing, the video 4

Mistress Sandra and Valentina Fetish Doll are having a session you must see!
The mistress knows her slavegirl so well and all the things she likes.
Making sure both girls are satisfied, the Mistress brings out her favorite toys.
But wait... Valentina needs a little extra,
cause today she is only coming when she is pissing!

Mistress Sandra is wearing a catsuit, cap and gloves.
Valentina Fetish Doll is wearing thights and the bizarre body.

Lick my boots

20.10.2017 Valentina Fetish Doll 23:24 Minuten Femdom
Lick my boots 1
Lick my boots 2
Lick my boots 3
Lick my boots 4

Mistress Valentina has new boots! so pretty and mesmerising...
Dont you just want to lick them?
Just go on your knees, lay down under the Mistress and worship those boots...

Mistress Valentina is wearing a top, stockings, hood and hat.

Captured in the woods

11.10.2017 Mistress Amrita 10:46 Minuten BDSM
Captured in the woods 1
Captured in the woods 2
Captured in the woods 3
Captured in the woods 4

Little innocent girl is having her picknick in the woods.
She is looking into her favorite book with all the naughty drawings.
Little does she know someone else is there with her, watching her, capturing her!

Mistress Amrita is wearing jodhpurs pants, top and corset.
Romy is wearing a frilly pants.

Rubber Passion

20.09.2017 Lexi Dark 28:25 Minuten Latex
Rubber Passion 1
Rubber Passion 2
Rubber Passion 3
Rubber Passion 4

We have a passion for rubber! Today our girl Lexi Dark will take you for a transparent latex fantasy. Join her in her rubber bed and crawl around in all these layers of latex...