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Feet, stockings and cum! 1
Feet, stockings and cum! 2
Feet, stockings and cum! 3
Feet, stockings and cum! 4

Today a male slave is lying on the floor in front of the mistresses.
While they chat and catch up, the slave has to wait until they are ready...
For being a good slave, the mistresses take off their shoes and rubs their feet all over the slave face!
Feet and stocking go everwhere, but they finish the job under the slave zipper.
Cum inside for all the foot fetish fun!

A session in white

18.04.2018 Mistress Sandra 65 Bilder Femdom, Fetish, Strapon
A session in white 0
A session in white 1
A session in white 2
A session in white 3
A session in white 4

Mistress Sandra and her slave are having a session in white latex.
Dressed in latex and heavy rubber, the slavegirl sits legs spread on the bench.
The mistress starts with a blindfol and gag, before strapping on her dildo...
But maybe this is not enough to cover her face, lets add a rebreather hood!
Join us inside for steaming hot latex fun!

Mistress Sandra is wearing corset and hood.
Slavegirl is wearing a legging, hood, straight jacket, pussy pants, collar, blindfold, gag.

A closer look...

16.04.2018 Mistress Sandra 181 Bilder Fetish, Fisting, Glovefetish
A closer look... 0
A closer look... 1
A closer look... 2
A closer look... 3
A closer look... 4

Mistress Sandra has her friend strapped in the gyn chair.
The perfect position to have a closer look on this girl...
All dressed in latex, but Sandra is using her extra special fisting glove for this session!
Join us inside for all the kinky goodness.

Mistress Sandra is wearing a catsuit, gloves, corset, hood and cap.
Slavegirl is wearing a catsuit, hood, gloves, cuffs and corset.

Heavy Rubber in the sun

13.04.2018 Mistress Sandra 65 Bilder Fetish, Latex, Outdoors
Heavy Rubber in the sun 0
Heavy Rubber in the sun 1
Heavy Rubber in the sun 2
Heavy Rubber in the sun 3
Heavy Rubber in the sun 4

Gorgeous Mistress Sandra is being shiny in the sun!
She is wearing a catsuit, gloves, hood, corset and high heels.
What more can we ask for... how about another hood!
Lovely Sandra has the same idea and brought this special heavy rubber hood to play with.
Do you want to join?

Mistress Sandra is wearing a catsuit, hood and gloves.

Maid and the Mistress

11.04.2018 Mistress Sandra und Tigerr Benson 133 Bilder BDSM, Femdom, Maid Fetish
Maid and the Mistress 0
Maid and the Mistress 1
Maid and the Mistress 2
Maid and the Mistress 3
Maid and the Mistress 4

Mistress Sandra and maid Tigerr Benson...
What a dreamy combination!
Join us as we sit down in our comfy chairs.
Maid Tigerr is bringing us our orders.
All we do now is sit back and enjoy the show.
Let the mistress do what she does best!

Mistress Sandra is wearing gloves, corset and skirt.
Maid Tigerr Benson is wearing cap, sleeves, apron and cuffs.

Floating in the pool

09.04.2018 Mistress Sandra und Slave girl Marie 141 Bilder Fetish, Latex, Toys
Floating in the pool 0
Floating in the pool 1
Floating in the pool 2
Floating in the pool 3
Floating in the pool 4

At Fetish-Live HQ we are ready for the summer.
Sitting in the sun, next to the pool.
So many naughty things we can do here!
Mistress Sandra and her slavegirl Marie are about to take a dip in the water together.
But first the slave get dressed up in a heavy rubber inflatable jacket.
This way she will float when the Mistress decided to throw her in...

Mistress Sandra is wearing a hood and gloves.
Slavegirl Marie is wearing suspenders and stockings.

Medical Enema

06.04.2018 Mistress Sandra 97 Bilder Double Penetration, Medical, Toys
Medical Enema 0
Medical Enema 1
Medical Enema 2
Medical Enema 3
Medical Enema 4

Mistress Sandra is performing an anal enema on her slavegirl.
Maybe she will add a few extra pleasures for the slave if she is good.
Join us inside and sit front row for this session!

Mistress Amrita and her male slave 0
Mistress Amrita and her male slave 1
Mistress Amrita and her male slave 2
Mistress Amrita and her male slave 3
Mistress Amrita and her male slave 4

Mistress Amrita has invited us to watch her session.
She has brought her male slave and she has lots in store for him.
Today she is planning on doing bondage with ropes, cuffs and latex!
Join us today and sit front row in this BDSM session...

Mistress Amrita is wearing dress Susi.
The slave is wearing a bondage hood.

Kumi in leather!

02.04.2018 Kumi Monster 87 Bilder Feminization, Fetish
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Kumi in leather! 2
Kumi in leather! 3
Kumi in leather! 4

Today we spend sexy time with the gorgeous Kumi Monster.
She asks us to close our eyes and when we open... she is all dressed in LEATHER!
Like latex, this leather outfit looks amazing on her.
Such a pleasure watching this woman playing around with whips in high heels.

Schlagworte: leather, heels, whip
Lady Rubens takes care of Tigerr 0
Lady Rubens takes care of Tigerr 1
Lady Rubens takes care of Tigerr 2
Lady Rubens takes care of Tigerr 3
Lady Rubens takes care of Tigerr 4

Tigerr is a patient in our medical room today.
She feels a little under the weather but our nurse Lady Rubens know how to fix this.
First she restrains Tigerr in a leg up position on the bed.
Not only does this give good access to her private parts...
Also this is a perfect position for an anal enema!
Join us inside to view the full session.