Medical lesson with Dante Posh

2018-01-19 Dante Posh 15:53 minutes Medical, Fetish
Medical lesson with Dante Posh 1
Medical lesson with Dante Posh 2
Medical lesson with Dante Posh 3
Medical lesson with Dante Posh 4

Dante Posh is back in the clinic for a medical lesson.
Today she is telling us about her favorite subject, which is breath play.
Dante is demonstrating how to do breath play.
Join us inside for all of this and more!

Dante Posh is wearing the nurse coat.

Latex Femdom Session

2018-01-17 Chou-Chou and Dante Posh 138 images Femdom, Fetish, Latex
Latex Femdom Session 0
Latex Femdom Session 1
Latex Femdom Session 2
Latex Femdom Session 3
Latex Femdom Session 4

Domina Dante Posh is in the mood to play!
Her lucky slave awaits...
She is wondering what her mistress will do to her today.
Dante brings out her whips, re-breather hood and cuffs.
Join us inside for a latex Femdom session!

Dante Posh is wearing a dress and gloves
Chou-Chou is wearing hood, waist cincher, stockings, gloves and re-breather hood.

Inflatables in a vacuum bed 0
Inflatables in a vacuum bed 1
Inflatables in a vacuum bed 2
Inflatables in a vacuum bed 3
Inflatables in a vacuum bed 4

This lucky slave has two mistresses today!
Mistress Sandra and Mistress Sinteque are taking control over him.
They are restraining him with inflatable leg and arm pieces,
before putting him in a vacuum bed. Start the pumps!
The mistresses wanna have fun with their slave.

Mistress Sandra is wearing a hood, catsuit, gloves and corset.
Mistress Sinteque is wearing a hood, catsuit, gloves and corset.
Slave is wearing catsuit and socks.

Kinky Pony Girl

2018-01-12 Anna Rose and Mistress Sandra 149 images Fetish, Latex, Pony Play
Kinky Pony Girl 0
Kinky Pony Girl 1
Kinky Pony Girl 2
Kinky Pony Girl 3
Kinky Pony Girl 4

Such a beautiful day! Perfect weather to go for a ride.
Mistress Sandra is bringing out her pet
and dresses her up as the kinky pony girl that she is!
Once she is all plugged and dressed up,
time to go for a ride in the courtyard.

Mistress Sandra is wearing a hood, coat deluxe, skirt, blouse and gloves.
Anna Rose is wearing a hood.
Pictures by Uwe Rose.

The waiting game

2018-01-10 Mistress Sandra 163 images Femdom, Fetish, Latex
The waiting game 0
The waiting game 1
The waiting game 2
The waiting game 3
The waiting game 4

Mistress Sandra plays in her medical room today.
Her slavegirl is waiting for her Mistress to give her an enema.
First the mistress bring in the tube and inflates the ball,
to make sure this enema stays locked in during the session.
Once the enema is complete, the tube can be removed.
But the slave is not allowed to use the bathroom yet.
The mistress brings out her watch,
we now play the waiting game...

Mistress Sandra is wearing a catsuit, hood, gloves and trench coat.
Slavegir is wearing a hood, stockings and suspenders.

Black out!

2018-01-08 Mistress Sandra 152 images Fetish, Latex, Strapon
Black out! 0
Black out! 1
Black out! 2
Black out! 3
Black out! 4

Mistress Sandra has brought her slave to her medical dungeon.
Secret plans are being made, while she puts her slave in total black out.
Not only is her slave dressed up in all black,
The mistress is giving her black out contacts for in her eyes.
However once she is blinded, Mistress Sandra has another black surprise for her...

Mistress Sandra is wearing a catsuit and hood
Slavegirl is wearing a corset, hood and jacket

Restrained Nun's

2018-01-05 Mistress Sandra, Slave girl Marie, and Rebecca 112 images Femdom, Fetish, Latex
Restrained Nun's 0
Restrained Nun's 1
Restrained Nun's 2
Restrained Nun's 3
Restrained Nun's 4

These two nun's are so horny,
they can't stop touching each other!
Mistress Sandra, the head mistress of the monastery, knows exactly how to punish these girls...
Join us inside and see what the Mistress has in store for them.

Nun Marie is wearing stockings, corset, hood, gloves, veil and armbinder.
Nun Rebecca is wearing bondage harnass and an armbinder deluxe.
Mistress Sandra is wearing a catsuit, gloves, habit, long veil and hood.

Party time with Dante Posh!

2018-01-03 169 images Fetish, Food Sex, Latex
Party time with Dante Posh! 0
Party time with Dante Posh! 1
Party time with Dante Posh! 2
Party time with Dante Posh! 3
Party time with Dante Posh! 4

Cheers! It is a party!
Mistress Dante Posh is celebrating with her maid today.
First opening the bottle, then they bring out the cake.
Perfect day for a latex and foodplay session!

Dante Posh is wearing stockings, suspenders, underwear set, corset and gloves.
French maid is wearing a hood and sleeves.

Gummi Kloster 4

2018-01-01 Anna Vorski 6:17 minutes Bondage, Fetish, Latex
Gummi Kloster 4 1
Gummi Kloster 4 2
Gummi Kloster 4 3
Gummi Kloster 4 4

The tales of the monastery continues...
Today with Nun Anna Vorski. What has she done to end up like this???
She can not hear or see us...
We sit back and enjoy the view, just watching her crawl.

Anna Vorski is wearing the bondage doggy suit, open face hood and the sensory deprivation hood.

Gummi Kloster, part 3

2017-12-29 Rebecca 10:13 minutes Fetish, Latex, Stripping
Gummi Kloster, part 3 1
Gummi Kloster, part 3 2
Gummi Kloster, part 3 3
Gummi Kloster, part 3 4

The tales from rubber monastery continues...
Today we are peeking through the peeping hole at Nun Rebecca's room.
Always wondered what nun's wear underneath their habit?
Join us inside and find out!

Rebecca is wearing a habit, blouse & skirt, veil, cap, suspenders, corset and stockings.