From girl to pony

2017-09-22 − Anna Rose, Mistress Sandra − 151 images
From girl to pony 0
From girl to pony 1
From girl to pony 2
From girl to pony 3
From girl to pony 4

In our stables we are short on pony girls. It is time to transform our slavegirl Anna Rose into a ponygirl. We will dress her up, from pony mask till pony tail. What a beautiful pony she will be! Once she is dressed, she will need some training. This pony girl will make a fine extra pony for our stables...

Mistress Sandra is wearing jodhpurs

Shoes for the French Maid

2017-09-15 − Mistress Sandra − 110 images
Shoes for the French Maid 0
Shoes for the French Maid 1
Shoes for the French Maid 2
Shoes for the French Maid 3
Shoes for the French Maid 4

Mistress Sandra has brand new shoes!
The french maid of the household is the lucky girl that gets to play with them first...
Stay tuned, this is only part 1 of 2. More coming soon!

Kitty girl on the bench

2017-09-08 − DutchDame, Mistress Amrita − 110 images
Kitty girl on the bench 0
Kitty girl on the bench 1
Kitty girl on the bench 2
Kitty girl on the bench 3
Kitty girl on the bench 4

This kitty girl is super playfull today! Mistress Amrita just want to have a seat and read her book, but DutchDame keeps bouncing around. She got so excited seeing the ropes that she is leaving the Mistress no choice... Time to tie up this girl! Finally once all the ropes are used, Mistress Amrita can finally read in peace...

DutchDame is wearing a bra, corset, tanga, stockings and suspender belt.
Mistress Amrita is wearing the office outfit in leopard patterned latex.

Sex Slave

2017-09-01 − Anna Rose, Mistress Sandra − 12:01 minutes
Sex Slave 1
Sex Slave 2
Sex Slave 3
Sex Slave 4

Anna Rose is Mistress Sandra's sex slave!
She can do anzthing with her slave that she wants...
Join us and find out what Mistress Sandra has in store for Anna.

Mistress Sandra is wearing a hood, gloves, cap, legging and uniform jacket.
Anna Rose is wearing gloves, hood, collar and corset.

Doggy Training

2017-08-25 − Anna Vorski − 26:24 minutes
Doggy Training 1
Doggy Training 2
Doggy Training 3
Doggy Training 4

It started as a ove game but ended in a merciless doggy drill.
Anna placed her handy cam on a tripod and recorded this hard 5 hours lesson...

Anna Vorski is wearing stockings, thong, dress, coat and hood.
Male slave is wearing a catsuit, hood and doggy suit.


2017-08-23 − Mistress Sandra, Anna Rose − 16:08 minutes
Bridled 1
Bridled 2
Bridled 3
Bridled 4

Such a beautiful!Perfect day for a ride!
Lets dress up the pony and have a lovely day in the sun.
Mistress Sandra is training pony Anna Rose.
Will you join us for a ride...

Mistress Sandra is wearing legging, top, skirt, jacket, hood, gloves and hat.
Anna Rose is wearing a catsuit and hood.

A day with the Mistress and Rubberdoll 0
A day with the Mistress and Rubberdoll 1
A day with the Mistress and Rubberdoll 2
A day with the Mistress and Rubberdoll 3
A day with the Mistress and Rubberdoll 4

Join us in the medical room for a day with the Mistress and her rubberdoll. Our doll is into breathplay!
Once she is all restricted we add a rubberhood that only has a very small airhole for her to breath through.
Now that she is helpless and alone, lets play with her some more...

Mistress Dada Sreni is wearing stockings and a dress.
Rubberdoll is wearing a catsuit, mitts and rebreather hood.

A painfull lesson

2017-08-04 − Mistress Sandra, Anna Vorski − 14:44 minutes
A painfull lesson 1
A painfull lesson 2
A painfull lesson 3
A painfull lesson 4

Today we follow Mistress Sandra in her dungeon.
There her slave awaits us...
What a beautiful girl, we sure will have some fun with her!

Mistress Sandra is wearing gloves, top and skirt.
Anna Vorski is wearing a corset, slip, stockings, gloves, collar, hood and armbinder.

Bondage Wheel

2017-08-02 − Mistress Amrita − 32:43 minutes
Bondage Wheel 1
Bondage Wheel 2
Bondage Wheel 3
Bondage Wheel 4

Mistress Amrita has a brand new toy.
A giant bondage wheel... so many things we can do with this!
All we need now is a slave...

Mistress Amrita is wearing a body.

Lovely in Leopard Latex

2017-07-28 − Mistress Sandra, Anna Rose − 68 images
Lovely in Leopard Latex 0
Lovely in Leopard Latex 1
Lovely in Leopard Latex 2
Lovely in Leopard Latex 3
Lovely in Leopard Latex 4

These ladies are lovely in leopard latex!
Mistress Sandra is taking slavegirl Anna Rose for a walk.
But what is that... cats dont walk on two legs...
She needs to walk on all fours!