Patient Unkown

2017-09-11 − 175 images
Patient Unkown 0
Patient Unkown 1
Patient Unkown 2
Patient Unkown 3
Patient Unkown 4

They dragged him in, strapped him in and left him with me. All they said was that they found this unknown patient wondering around in the woods. I will have to wait until I receive further orders... After a few minutes, the orders start coming in, I better get started!

The docter is wearing a cap, stockings and gloves.

Urethra Torment

2017-09-04 − 27:34 minutes
Urethra Torment 1
Urethra Torment 2
Urethra Torment 3
Urethra Torment 4

Dr H.F. Rub is testing some new medical toys on his slavegirl.
Slavegirl Paintasy need to lay very still in order to receive this new catheter.
Otherwise this could really hurt....


Alterpic in the medical room

2017-04-17 − Mistress Sandra, Anna Rose − 147 images
Alterpic in the medical room 0
Alterpic in the medical room 1
Alterpic in the medical room 2
Alterpic in the medical room 3
Alterpic in the medical room 4

Mistress Sandra is in the medical room preparing for her next session.
Today's slave girl is Anna Rose, all dressed up in latex.
But the patient is not feeling so well, she needs some therapy.
Good thing Mistress Sandra knows exactly what to do with her to cheer her up...

Mistress Sandra is wearing hood, gloves, blouse and skirt
Slavegirl Anna Rose is wearing a hood and patient gown.

In the medical room

2017-03-10 − Kumi Monster − 126 images
In the medical room 0
In the medical room 1
In the medical room 2
In the medical room 3
In the medical room 4

Sexy Kumi Monster is taking us to her favorite room of the dungeon.
This is the medical corner, where her favorite chair is placed.
Being dressed in latex, turns Kumi on.
She get comfortable in the big metal chair and invites us to play together...

Kumi Monster is wearing the bizarre body and apron.