Rubber Passion

2017-09-20 − Lexi Dark − 28:25 minutes
Rubber Passion 1
Rubber Passion 2
Rubber Passion 3
Rubber Passion 4

We have a passion for rubber! Today our girl Lexi Dark will take you for a transparent latex fantasy. Join her in her rubber bed and crawl around in all these layers of latex...

Rubber Mistress

2017-08-28 − Lexi Dark − 55 images
Rubber Mistress 0
Rubber Mistress 1
Rubber Mistress 2
Rubber Mistress 3
Rubber Mistress 4

This Mistress melts us with her big tits!
Gosh how we love those!
She is dressed in a hot latex outfit with a zipper in front...
I wonder if she will give us the pleasure of showing her beautiful breast at us.

Fucked by the devil

2017-08-21 − Mistress Sandra, Valentina Fetish Doll − 22:09 minutes
Fucked by the devil 1
Fucked by the devil 2
Fucked by the devil 3
Fucked by the devil 4

Mistress Sandra is feeling horny dressed as the devil.
Her girlfriend Valentina is dressed as an innocent nun.
Oh the fun that they will have... Will you join us in our naughty play!

Mistress Sandra is wearing a catsuit and hood.

Expiatation, part 1

2017-08-14 − Slave girl Marie, Mistress Amrita − 11:14 minutes
Expiatation, part 1 1
Expiatation, part 1 2
Expiatation, part 1 3
Expiatation, part 1 4

Nun Amrita is not happy, one of her girl comitted a huge sin.
Now she must pay! We will put her straight and discipline her.
One part is not enough, so stay tuned for part 2.

Mistress Amrita is wearing stockings, dress and a nun veil.
Nun 2 is wearing stockings, hood, skirt and corset.
Slavegirl is wearing a nun veil, hood, corset and stockings.

Mistress Dada Sreni

2017-08-11 − Mistress Dada Sreni − 75 images
Mistress Dada Sreni 0
Mistress Dada Sreni 1
Mistress Dada Sreni 2
Mistress Dada Sreni 3
Mistress Dada Sreni 4

Today we play with our doll, one of our favorite games!
We play dress up! Dressing her up all in black latex...
Not just that, we add more and more!
From collars, to gloves, to goggles, to inflatable dildo...

Mistress Dada Sreni is wearing a catsuit, gloves, corset and neck corset.

Frenchmaid Rebecca

2017-07-31 − Mistress Sandra, Rebecca − 8:52 minutes
Frenchmaid Rebecca 1
Frenchmaid Rebecca 2
Frenchmaid Rebecca 3
Frenchmaid Rebecca 4

Mistress Sandra is getting ready for a latex day outside.
Her french maid today is Rebecca.
She will stay behind and clean the house.
When Mistress Sandra comes back,
she better be ready...

Lovely in Leopard Latex

2017-07-28 − Mistress Sandra, Anna Rose − 68 images
Lovely in Leopard Latex 0
Lovely in Leopard Latex 1
Lovely in Leopard Latex 2
Lovely in Leopard Latex 3
Lovely in Leopard Latex 4

These ladies are lovely in leopard latex!
Mistress Sandra is taking slavegirl Anna Rose for a walk.
But what is that... cats dont walk on two legs...
She needs to walk on all fours!

Queen and the Jester

2017-07-26 − Mistress Sandra, Slave girl Marie − 70 images
Queen and the Jester 0
Queen and the Jester 1
Queen and the Jester 2
Queen and the Jester 3
Queen and the Jester 4

Mistress Sandra is our beautiful queen.
She found this lovely Jester to keep her company.
Her job is to entertain the mistress,
but will she succeed...

Sweet Torture

2017-07-24 − Mistress Sandra, Valentina Fetish Doll − 22:52 minutes
Sweet Torture 1
Sweet Torture 2
Sweet Torture 3
Sweet Torture 4

Mistress Sandra and Valentina Fetish Doll have missed each other.
They are so happy to be together again, all dressed up in heavy rubber.
How they enjoy to play together... Be a witness of this sweet torture!

Dildo Polishing

2017-07-21 − Anna Vorski, Mistress Sandra − 13:08 minutes
Dildo Polishing 1
Dildo Polishing 2
Dildo Polishing 3
Dildo Polishing 4

Slavegirl Anna Vorski needs to polish all the dildo's on the floor.
Mistress Sandra comes to inspect her work.
If she did a good job, she will allow her to play with them a little bit.
If she did a bad job... well... Training and punishment is required.
Which one will it be? Join us inside and find out!