Rubber Passion

2017-09-20 − Lexi Dark − 28:25 minutes
Rubber Passion 1
Rubber Passion 2
Rubber Passion 3
Rubber Passion 4

We have a passion for rubber! Today our girl Lexi Dark will take you for a transparent latex fantasy. Join her in her rubber bed and crawl around in all these layers of latex...

Patient Unkown

2017-09-11 − 175 images
Patient Unkown 0
Patient Unkown 1
Patient Unkown 2
Patient Unkown 3
Patient Unkown 4

They dragged him in, strapped him in and left him with me. All they said was that they found this unknown patient wondering around in the woods. I will have to wait until I receive further orders... After a few minutes, the orders start coming in, I better get started!

The docter is wearing a cap, stockings and gloves.

Enema Training

2017-08-30 − Dante Posh, Valentina Fetish Doll − 20:34 minutes
Enema Training 1
Enema Training 2
Enema Training 3
Enema Training 4

These girls like to get dirty!
Valentina Fetish Doll and Dante Posh are trzing out enema training.
Will she end up clean or will it be a dirty scene...

Dante Posh is wearing a hood, apron, gloves and stockings.
Valentina Fetish Doll is wearing a hood, gloves, body and apron.

Rubber Mistress

2017-08-28 − Lexi Dark − 55 images
Rubber Mistress 0
Rubber Mistress 1
Rubber Mistress 2
Rubber Mistress 3
Rubber Mistress 4

This Mistress melts us with her big tits!
Gosh how we love those!
She is dressed in a hot latex outfit with a zipper in front...
I wonder if she will give us the pleasure of showing her beautiful breast at us.

Fucked by the devil

2017-08-21 − Mistress Sandra, Valentina Fetish Doll − 22:09 minutes
Fucked by the devil 1
Fucked by the devil 2
Fucked by the devil 3
Fucked by the devil 4

Mistress Sandra is feeling horny dressed as the devil.
Her girlfriend Valentina is dressed as an innocent nun.
Oh the fun that they will have... Will you join us in our naughty play!

Mistress Sandra is wearing a catsuit and hood.