Patient Unkown

2017-09-11 − 175 images
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Patient Unkown 1
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They dragged him in, strapped him in and left him with me. All they said was that they found this unknown patient wondering around in the woods. I will have to wait until I receive further orders... After a few minutes, the orders start coming in, I better get started!

The docter is wearing a cap, stockings and gloves.

Urethra Torment

2017-09-04 − 27:34 minutes
Urethra Torment 1
Urethra Torment 2
Urethra Torment 3
Urethra Torment 4

Dr H.F. Rub is testing some new medical toys on his slavegirl.
Slavegirl Paintasy need to lay very still in order to receive this new catheter.
Otherwise this could really hurt....