Lick my boots

2017-10-20 Valentina Fetish Doll 23:24 minutes Femdom
Lick my boots 1
Lick my boots 2
Lick my boots 3
Lick my boots 4

Mistress Valentina has new boots! so pretty and mesmerising...
Dont you just want to lick them?
Just go on your knees, lay down under the Mistress and worship those boots...

Mistress Valentina is wearing a top, stockings, hood and hat.

Captured in the woods

2017-10-11 Mistress Amrita 10:46 minutes BDSM
Captured in the woods 1
Captured in the woods 2
Captured in the woods 3
Captured in the woods 4

Little innocent girl is having her picknick in the woods.
She is looking into her favorite book with all the naughty drawings.
Little does she know someone else is there with her, watching her, capturing her!

Mistress Amrita is wearing jodhpurs pants, top and corset.
Romy is wearing a frilly pants.

Rubber Passion

2017-09-20 Lexi Dark 28:25 minutes Latex
Rubber Passion 1
Rubber Passion 2
Rubber Passion 3
Rubber Passion 4

We have a passion for rubber! Today our girl Lexi Dark will take you for a transparent latex fantasy. Join her in her rubber bed and crawl around in all these layers of latex...

Tales of the rubber monastery

2017-09-06 Mistress Sandra 33:51 minutes BDSM
Tales of the rubber monastery 1
Tales of the rubber monastery 2
Tales of the rubber monastery 3
Tales of the rubber monastery 4

Another beautiful rubber tale from our monastery.
Today we look at Nun Josi and Mistress Sandra.
Join us and lets sin together right now...

Mistress Sandra is wearing hood and veil.
Nun Josi is wearing gloves, habit, gag, stockings, veil, suspenders.

Urethra Torment

2017-09-04 27:34 minutes BDSM
Urethra Torment 1
Urethra Torment 2
Urethra Torment 3
Urethra Torment 4

Dr H.F. Rub is testing some new medical toys on his slavegirl.
Slavegirl Paintasy need to lay very still in order to receive this new catheter.
Otherwise this could really hurt....


Sex Slave

2017-09-01 Anna Rose and Mistress Sandra 12:01 minutes BDSM
Sex Slave 1
Sex Slave 2
Sex Slave 3
Sex Slave 4

Anna Rose is Mistress Sandra's sex slave!
She can do anzthing with her slave that she wants...
Join us and find out what Mistress Sandra has in store for Anna.

Mistress Sandra is wearing a hood, gloves, cap, legging and uniform jacket.
Anna Rose is wearing gloves, hood, collar and corset.

Enema Training

2017-08-30 Dante Posh and Valentina Fetish Doll 20:34 minutes BDSM
Enema Training 1
Enema Training 2
Enema Training 3
Enema Training 4

These girls like to get dirty!
Valentina Fetish Doll and Dante Posh are trzing out enema training.
Will she end up clean or will it be a dirty scene...

Dante Posh is wearing a hood, apron, gloves and stockings.
Valentina Fetish Doll is wearing a hood, gloves, body and apron.

Doggy Training

2017-08-25 Anna Vorski 26:24 minutes Domination
Doggy Training 1
Doggy Training 2
Doggy Training 3
Doggy Training 4

It started as a ove game but ended in a merciless doggy drill.
Anna placed her handy cam on a tripod and recorded this hard 5 hours lesson...

Anna Vorski is wearing stockings, thong, dress, coat and hood.
Male slave is wearing a catsuit, hood and doggy suit.


2017-08-23 Mistress Sandra and Anna Rose 16:08 minutes Pony Play
Bridled 1
Bridled 2
Bridled 3
Bridled 4

Such a beautiful!Perfect day for a ride!
Lets dress up the pony and have a lovely day in the sun.
Mistress Sandra is training pony Anna Rose.
Will you join us for a ride...

Mistress Sandra is wearing legging, top, skirt, jacket, hood, gloves and hat.
Anna Rose is wearing a catsuit and hood.

Fucked by the devil

2017-08-21 Mistress Sandra and Valentina Fetish Doll 22:09 minutes Latex
Fucked by the devil 1
Fucked by the devil 2
Fucked by the devil 3
Fucked by the devil 4

Mistress Sandra is feeling horny dressed as the devil.
Her girlfriend Valentina is dressed as an innocent nun.
Oh the fun that they will have... Will you join us in our naughty play!

Mistress Sandra is wearing a catsuit and hood.