Introducing Domina Cassandra Casal

2017-10-27 Cassandra Casal 68 images Latex
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Introducing Domina Cassandra Casal 1
Introducing Domina Cassandra Casal 2
Introducing Domina Cassandra Casal 3
Introducing Domina Cassandra Casal 4

Introducing new on the Fetish-Live website, the one and only Domina Cassandra Casal.
A domina who loves latex and loves sharing with you!
Join us inside and see what this mistress has in store for you...

French Maid serving fetish

2017-10-25 Jean Bardot and Mistress Sandra 95 images Femdom
French Maid serving fetish 0
French Maid serving fetish 1
French Maid serving fetish 2
French Maid serving fetish 3
French Maid serving fetish 4

In a luxury hotel we join Mistress Sandra and Jean Bardot in bed.
How ucky are we to be between these latex beauties!
They also brought their French Maid, who is serving us fetish.
Bring out the lube, time for some fun!

Mistress Sandra in the snow

2017-10-23 Mistress Sandra 111 images Latex
Mistress Sandra in the snow 0
Mistress Sandra in the snow 1
Mistress Sandra in the snow 2
Mistress Sandra in the snow 3
Mistress Sandra in the snow 4

Beautiful Mistress Sandra is this shiny metallic blue catsuit!
So hot she makes the snow melt right before our eyes.
She shows you all sides of her shiny latex body.
Join us inside for a little roll around in the snow...

Lick my boots

2017-10-20 Valentina Fetish Doll 23:24 minutes Femdom
Lick my boots 1
Lick my boots 2
Lick my boots 3
Lick my boots 4

Mistress Valentina has new boots! so pretty and mesmerising...
Dont you just want to lick them?
Just go on your knees, lay down under the Mistress and worship those boots...

Mistress Valentina is wearing a top, stockings, hood and hat.

Snow white

2017-10-18 Jean Bardot 84 images Latex
Snow white 0
Snow white 1
Snow white 2
Snow white 3
Snow white 4

Gorgeous Jean Bardot is Snow white!
The hottest girl in the world, but the evil queen does not accept this...
How hot she may be, evil queen is coming for her!

Jean Bardot is wearing the snow white outfit, stockings and pussy pants
Evil queen is wearing a cape and gloves

The long fisting mitt

2017-10-16 Chou-Chou and Mistress Sandra 152 images Fisting
The long fisting mitt 0
The long fisting mitt 1
The long fisting mitt 2
The long fisting mitt 3
The long fisting mitt 4

Gorgeous Chou Chou is dressed in shiny latex.
She is showing you every side of her body and teasing you by being naughty.
With her is the beautiful Mistress Sandra,
all dressed in black latex with one single transparent glove...
What will she do with this?

Chou Chou is wearing a bra, suspenders, stockings, hood, collar, bondage mitts and the combination gag.
Mistress Sandra is wearing a hood, corset and long fisting mitt.

Smoking Hot Rubber Girls

2017-10-13 Kumi Monster and Mistress Sandra 79 images Latex
Smoking Hot Rubber Girls 0
Smoking Hot Rubber Girls 1
Smoking Hot Rubber Girls 2
Smoking Hot Rubber Girls 3
Smoking Hot Rubber Girls 4

hmmm... what can I say...
This set is just smoking hot girls in shiny gorgeous rubber!
Both girls are dressep all way in heavy rubber,
and they want more!

Mistress Sandra is wearing nurse dress, tights and pussy pants.
Kumi Monster is wearing bizarre body, tights and collar.

Captured in the woods

2017-10-11 Mistress Amrita 10:46 minutes BDSM
Captured in the woods 1
Captured in the woods 2
Captured in the woods 3
Captured in the woods 4

Little innocent girl is having her picknick in the woods.
She is looking into her favorite book with all the naughty drawings.
Little does she know someone else is there with her, watching her, capturing her!

Mistress Amrita is wearing jodhpurs pants, top and corset.
Romy is wearing a frilly pants.

Mistress Dante Posh is taking over!

2017-10-09 Dante Posh 136 images BDSM
Mistress Dante Posh is taking over! 0
Mistress Dante Posh is taking over! 1
Mistress Dante Posh is taking over! 2
Mistress Dante Posh is taking over! 3
Mistress Dante Posh is taking over! 4

Welcome to the Fetish-Live dungeon where Mistress Dante Posh is taking over!
She prepared a very special seat for the her slave to sit on.
How long will she be able to sit down and be a good slavegirl...
Join us and find out!

Dante Posh is wearing gloves, blouse and stockings.
Slavegirl is wearing corset, suspender, stockings and hood.

Restrained and helpless part 2

2017-10-06 Elise Graves and Mistress Sandra 119 images BDSM
Restrained and helpless part 2 0
Restrained and helpless part 2 1
Restrained and helpless part 2 2
Restrained and helpless part 2 3
Restrained and helpless part 2 4

Elise Graves is restrained and helpless...
No one can hear her and no one can help her today.
Mistress Sandra has big plans for this little girl.
No time to waste, quickly come inside and let's start!

Mistress Sandra is wearing a catsuit and apron.
Elise Graves is wearing  a shoulder brace and crotch piece.