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Tortured in ropes

June 28, 2017 − Mistress Amrita

31:13 minutes

Mistress Amrita shares with us her special slavegirl today!
She takes us down in her dungeon where she shows us what she can do.
Will you join us on our tour with Mistress amrita as our guide.
Let's see what this slavegirl can do...


Feeling horny?

June 26, 2017 − Mistress Sandra, Slave girl Marie

137 images

Feeling horny?
Or is that our latex devil who is walking in...
While our innocent latex nun is praying for mercy,
the latex devil will have her way with her.
Join us inside for some girl/girl action!

Mistress Sandra is wearing legging, gloves and hood.
Slavegirl Marie is wearing corset, stockings and nun veil.


Prepare for the night

June 23, 2017 − Anna Vorski, Mistress Sandra

6:42 minutes

Mistress Sandra is preparing slavegirl Anna Vorski for the night.
All dressed in heavyrubber, the mistress zips the girl into a latex bondage suit.
The girl is all restrained and comfortable, so she can stay like this all night long.
Anna is having some trouble closing her eyes for the night.
Instead of a bedtime story, Mistress has other ways to make her tired.
She brings out the rebreather hood for a little fun before night time...

Mistress Sandra is wearing a catsuit, hood and corset.
Anna Vorski is wearing a hood and bondage dress.


Transparent Dreams

June 21, 2017 − Rebecca

10:20 minutes

Rebecca is dressed in heavy rubber in transparent colour.
She is laying in a bed with transparent sheets,
having transparent dreams...
Time to make these dreams come true!
There she brings out a giant inflatable dildo.
This sure will give some pleasures!
Then we add more inflatable latex,
all to build up to more and more fun until climax!


Out and about

June 19, 2017 − Sinteque

62 images

Today Sinteque takes us out and about in the fields.
She is dressed in heavy rubber,
but can't resist adding more masks!
We follow her in the fields...

Sinteque is wearing a lingerie set, hood, gloves and stockings.



Bare skin in bear skin

June 16, 2017 − Tigerr Benson

70 images

Asian model Tiger Benson is bare skin on a big bear skin.
She enjoys how soft the fur feels on her body.
Tigerr is getting comfortable and takes off her clothes.
Cause we adore her glamorous body,
We brought her a little gift...
Now we just sit back and enjoy the show!


Being Blue

June 14, 2017 − Mistress Sandra, Valentina Fetish Doll

75 images

Feeling blue?
Let Mistress Sandra and Valentina cheer you up!
Join us on the blue inflatable sofa with lots of latex!
We can take your blues away and make you horny instead...


In the water

June 12, 2017 − Kumi Monster, Mistress Sandra

63 images

Mistress Sandra is taking control over Kumi Monster.
On a hot sunny day they are playing together at the pool.
Kumi doesn't know that Sandra has something for her...
Then she pushes Kumi into the pool, so unexpected!
Kumi starts swimming gasping for air.
But air is limited when Mistress Sandra brings out the rebreather hood....

Mistress Sandra is wearing a catsuit, gloves and hood.
Kumi is wearing pants and corset.


Dildo training part 2

June 09, 2017 − Mistress Sandra, Valentina Fetish Doll

8:26 minutes

Mistress Sandra plays with Valentina Fetish Doll.
They play with heavy rubber but also with mask... and another mask... and another mask!
Besides all this beautiful shiny latex, it is time for Valentina to get dildo training.
Will she be a good student or will she need more practise?
Join us inside and find out!

Mistress Sandra is wearing a mask and dress.
Valentina Fetish Doll is wearing a corset and mask.


Rubber Monastery

June 07, 2017 − Lucy Liang, Rebecca

4:02 minutes

Two dirty naughty nuns find each other on the farm.
Between all the cows they can not control themselves anymore.
They don't care who is watching... are you watching?

Both girls are wearing a nun veil and the nun habit.