Babygirl Benson

20.11.2017 Tigerr Benson 58 Bilder Balloon, Fetish, Latex
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Babygirl Benson 1
Babygirl Benson 2
Babygirl Benson 3
Babygirl Benson 4

Playful Tigerr and her toys!
We loved our beautiful Tigerr dressed in playful pink latex with matching shoes.
Would you like to join her for playtime...

Glass Head

17.11.2017 Kumi Monster und Mistress Sandra 72 Bilder BDSM, Erotic Nude, Femdom
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Glass Head 4

Kumi Monster is our naked slavegirl today!
Mistress Sandra bring her down into the cold basement.
Only to put her inside a big box, with her head sticking out.
On her head the Mistress places a glass bowl.
However is the glass half empty or half full?
The Mistress is going to think about this for a long time,
until then Kumi has to wait and try to keep breathing...

Transparent dreams

15.11.2017 Rebecca 103 Bilder Fetish
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Transparent dreams 1
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Transparent dreams 3
Transparent dreams 4

Rebecca is dressed in heavy rubber in transparent colour.
She is laying in a bed with transparent sheets,
having transparent dreams...
Time to make these dreams come true!
There she brings out a giant inflatable dildo.
This sure will give some pleasures!
Then we add more inflatable latex,
all to build up to more and more fun until climax!

Mistress Lexi Dark takes a walk with her rubber doll 0
Mistress Lexi Dark takes a walk with her rubber doll 1
Mistress Lexi Dark takes a walk with her rubber doll 2
Mistress Lexi Dark takes a walk with her rubber doll 3
Mistress Lexi Dark takes a walk with her rubber doll 4

Such a perfect winter day, there is snow on the ground and the sun is in the air.
Mistress Lexi Dark takes her rubber doll Gina for a walk outside.
Just in case, the doll is wearing a piss pants.
So she doesn't have to piss in public like the Mistress does...
Lexi Dark is having fun! Making her rubber doll do all kind of naughty things.

The Tigerr Tease

10.11.2017 Tigerr Benson 112 Bilder Fetish
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The Tigerr Tease 1
The Tigerr Tease 2
The Tigerr Tease 3
The Tigerr Tease 4

Gorgeous Tigerr Benson is dressed very sexy and sits in her white room.
She enjoy her beverage and quilty pleasures.
But wait... that is not a table!
It is a box with a person in it, only the head is sticking out.
Her lucky slave is sitting front row for the Tigerr Tease!

Fun with hoods and masks!

08.11.2017 Mistress Sandra und Sinteque 79 Bilder Latex
Fun with hoods and masks! 0
Fun with hoods and masks! 1
Fun with hoods and masks! 2
Fun with hoods and masks! 3
Fun with hoods and masks! 4

Mistress Sandra is showing Sinteque her latex hoods and masks collection.
These gummi dolls are getting so excited, they just have to try them.
Starting with latex hoods and gasmasks. Oh they both look so beautiful!
But wait... what is this... some very unique masks Mistress Sandra has...
Want to see it all? Wait no longer and join us inside!

Three way fun! 0
Three way fun! 1
Three way fun! 2
Three way fun! 3
Three way fun! 4

These girls know how to have fun!
Mistress Sandra, Valentina Fetish Doll and Kumi Monster are all dressed up in shiny latex.
Now that everything is properly lubed, time for Valentina's surprise!
Join us inside and see what she is getting from her friends...

Mistress Dante Posh is taking over part 2

03.11.2017 Dante Posh 90 Bilder BDSM
Mistress Dante Posh is taking over part 2 0
Mistress Dante Posh is taking over part 2 1
Mistress Dante Posh is taking over part 2 2
Mistress Dante Posh is taking over part 2 3
Mistress Dante Posh is taking over part 2 4

Welcome to the Fetish-Live dungeon where Mistress Dante Posh is taking over!
She prepared a very special seat for the her slave to sit on.
How long will she be able to sit down and be a good slavegirl...
Join us and find out!

Dante Posh is wearing gloves, blouse and stockings.
Slavegirl is wearing corset, suspender, stockings and hood.

Cure for the nurse

01.11.2017 115 Bilder Latex
Cure for the nurse 0
Cure for the nurse 1
Cure for the nurse 2
Cure for the nurse 3
Cure for the nurse 4

Where is that doctor she fancied, been waiting in here for so long.
She can not wait for him, she wants it now!
This nurse takes matters in her very own hands,
using medical equipement to take care of herself.
Oh there you are! You are a little late, but you can stay and watch if you like...

Nurse is wearing a cap, mini dress, stockings and gloves.

Tortured for pleasure

30.10.2017 Anna Rose und Mistress Sandra 125 Bilder BDSM
Tortured for pleasure 0
Tortured for pleasure 1
Tortured for pleasure 2
Tortured for pleasure 3
Tortured for pleasure 4

This officer likes to play with her prisoners!
One prisoner she kept all night in the attic, keeping her standing up by a single rope around the neck.
This slavegirl deserves a little more and the officer takes out her gun.
Want to see what happens next... Join us inside for the full story!